Mr Employ tips – Making a good video CV

21 Apr 2022 | Blog

How to make the best video CV on the Mr Employ app.

Tip 1: Get inspired.
Go online and research video CV examples to get inspired. 

Tip 2: Be professional. 
Dress for success and remember your audience. Pretend this is a real interview – if it wouldn’t be appropriate in an interview setting, it’s probably not appropriate for your video CV. 

Tip 3: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be enthusiastic.
Being professional doesn’t mean you can’t show your audience that you are a positive and upbeat person. Don’t forget to smile! 

Tip 4: Set the scene.
Find a good background – an area with little background noise and distraction, and good lighting. 

Tip 5: Be prepared.
Write a script, but don’t read from it! Instead use your script to guide what you want to say. 

Tip 6: Cover the essentials.
At minimum your script should cover a brief introduction of who you are, your education, experience, interests and an explanation as to why your viewer should hire you. 

Tip 7: Talk clearly.
Talk loudly, slowly, and clearly. Listen back to make sure the viewer can understand what you are saying. 

Tip 8: Keep it short and sweet.
Your video CV should not be less than 30 seconds or more than 2 minutes. 

Tip 9: Get feedback.
Ask friends and family to watch your video and give you feedback, then edit accordingly.  

Tip 10: Be yourself.
You are great, so just be your best you! Show them how much this opportunity means to you and make your application memorable.