The job seeker struggle is real

29 Apr 2022 | Blog

Struggle 1: Those 100 page job applications!
Nothing like spending hours on job applications with no guarantee of it ever amounting to anything. Mr Employ allows you to set up your profile in the the comfort of your home – once! We promise it’s quick, easy and painless. 

Struggle 2: Trying to express who you are in a written CV.
So not everyone is a great copywriter with the ability to express emotion and create images with their words – and who cares – unless you applying to be a copywriter, you shouldn’t need to! Mr Employ allows you to add a video introduction of yourself to express who you are without the hassle of showing up for an introductory interview. #winwin 

Struggle 3: Applying for positions that have already been filled.
So you have taken the time and effort to apply only to find out that the position had already been filled 5 months ago… ish! Mr Employ ensures that all available positions are just that, “available”. Once a position has been filled the ad will be removed from Mr Employ. 

Struggle 4: Job hunting is expensive.
The data, the transport, the interview outfit… they say it costs money to make money, but what if you just don’t have it? Access the Mr Employ app free of charge, interview online and forget about the old school costly process that was keeping you from reaching your dreams!

Struggle 5: It’s lonely and no one cares.
Job hunting can be pretty lonely and sending your application into the black hole of online applications and wondering if that application will ever be seen by human eyes just sucks. We at Mr Employ have a vested interest in serving you, our applicant. It’s our mission to create instant valuable human connections between our job seekers and companies. We want you hired in a position best suited to you!